MOL Hydro HME 22

Premium hydraulic oil

High quality hydraulic oil with performances substantially exceeding ISO HM requirements for hydraulic systems operating under severe conditions.


  • Mobile and industrial hydraulic systems
  • Circulation systems
  • Machine-tools
  • Industrial equipment operating at low temperatures (pumps, servo systems)
  • Hydraulic systems of earthmoving and forestry machines

Check our handling instructions!

In order to ensure the maximum protection of the equipment, safe operation and the optimal lifespan and performance of the lubricant please follow the handling and application instructions below.


  • Before selecting the product please check the performance standards and approvals of the lubricant as well as the cleanliness required by the operating manual of the equipment. In case of special cleanliness requirements:
    • choose a high purity lubricant and pour it into the equipment through an appropriate filter. If the cleanliness of the equipment and the system is proper, then further filtering is not necessary.
    • If the lubricant’s purity only fulfils the DIN regulation (21/19/16) but not the stricter manufacturer’s requirement, then it is recommended to circulate the oil and filter it in the secondary circuit after filling the equipment.


  • In order to keep water away from the lubricant and avoid contamination always keep the barrels and containers closed.


  • After filling but before the operation it is recommended circulating the oil fill and filter it in the secondary circuit in order to clean the system. Constantly check the cleanliness of the load and continue filtering it until its cleanliness reaches the minimum requirements of the operating manual.
  • In case of filling a new equipment or changing the oil in contaminated systems it is also recommended circulating the oil load and filter it in the secondary circuit in order to clean the system. Keep filtering it until its cleanliness reaches the minimum requirements of the operating manual.

Maintenance, operation

  • Check the condition of the oil regularly, apply filtering it in the secondary circuit if necessary.
  • Always plan and carry out the oil change according to the manufacturer’s recommendation and the results of oil diagnostics.

In case you experience any problem, please contact the representative of your lubricant distributor or our lubricant experts at

Product featuresBenefits
Excellent wear protection
  • Reliable operation, even in equipment exposed to heavy loads at high pressures
  • Improved operational safety and high level of availibility
Excellent thermal and hydrolitic stability
  • Extremely low sludge formation
  • Increased oil drain interval
  • Reliable operation, so reduced operational costs
Excellent filterability
  • No deterioration of filterability, even in the presence of moisture
  • Calculably low filter usage even with 2-3 micron pore size filter cartridges
  • Reduced maintenance costs and environmental impact
Rapid air release
  • Reduced risk of cavitation
  • Outgoing air does not cause increased foaming
  • Reliable operation, giving longer equipment lifetime
Excellent corrosion protection
  • Effective protection of steel and non-ferrous metal parts even in the presence of water
Excellent water separation
  • Water is rapidly separated from the oil and can be drained from the system
  • The formation of harmful deposits and filter plugging can be avoided
  • Abnormal corrosion and wear of equipment can be prevented
  • Increased operational safety of equipment
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Data sheets

Performance levels, approvals

ISO 11158 HM
DIN 51524-2 (HLP)
General Motors LS2 LH-02-1-00
SAE MS1004 Type HM
AFNOR NF-E-48603 (HM)

Typical properties

Density at 15°C [g/cm3]0,863
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C [mm2/s]22,5
Kinematic viscosity at 100 °C [mm2/s]4,35
Viscosity index100
Pour point [°C]-36
Flash point (Cleveland) [°C]200


218 kg

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