MOL Dynamic premium engine oils for maximum performance

By virtue of their innovative dual film technology, the MOL Dynamic engine oils enable efficient operation for the latest, recently developed engines, creating an ideal balance between performance, engine protection and fuel savings.

Dual protection layers under extreme loads

How does dual film technology work?

The engine oil formulas, tailor-made for every engine type, were developed using a balanced combination of state-of-the-art base oils and special additives. The dynamic dual-effect lubricating film adapts to the ever-changing conditions often occurring in the course of urban traffic even under extreme loads, forming a dual-effect protective film on metallic surfaces, preventing their wear and tear.

The dual-effect film instantly builds up and generates a resistant layer at the critical lubricating points of the engine (valve control, pistons, etc.), thereby minimising the wear on parts, ensuring more efficient operation and requiring less maintenance.


The MOL Dynamic synthetic engine oils have obtained the leading vehicle manufacturers’ latest approvals and can fully satisfy even the most rigorous performance level requirements.

Outstanding anti-wear protection

Due to their outstanding wear protection, the MOL Dynamic engine oils ensure ideal engine protection even in busy urban traffic under extra load, so the engine can deliver maximum performance.

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MOL Dynamic engine oils

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