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We sometimes think coolants of internal combustion engines are less important than they really are. Coolants of modern vehicles are just as high tech as modern lubricants. The CoolCheck coolant diagnostics carried out at this transportation company showed that using coolant of a suitable quality and applying regular maintenance to cooling systems could increase coolant reliability and the service life of liquid-cooled main vehicle parts and that the company could save excessive costs caused by frequent breakdowns.

After preparation for winter, a series of inexplicable breakdowns occurred in the company’s buses. The coolant in the cooling systems had foamed in the heat exchangers and creamy deposits had formed around them. The deposits narrowed the diameters of the cooling systems’ pipes, restricting liquid flow, deteriorating heat exchange and causing overheating. This phenomenon was brought to light by frequent failures of the hydraulic torque converters connected to the engine and the cooling system. Cooperation between the company’s and MOL-LUB’s experts solved these problems.

After careful examination of the problems, MOL-LUB CoolCheck coolant diagnostics helped in understanding them. It turned out that the breakdowns were caused by the chemical incompatibility of mixed coolants of different composition.
Based on CoolCheck coolant diagnostics, the necessary repairs and maintenance were carried out. This whole process showed the importance of choosing the right coolant.

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