Proven 1.4% in motor fuel savings

Appropriately selected lubricants can extend the lifetime and operational reliability of commercial vehicles and thus lead to major reductions in operating costs. Using the correct motor oil can also result in lower fuel consumption through reducing friction losses. Thanks to motor fuel-saving formulae, MOL Dynamic Mistral 5W-30 synthetic motor oil significantly contributes to reducing motor fuel costs. As proof of this, we have tested motor oil performance adopting an internationally recognised test process to assess motor fuel-saving potential in a real-life environment .

„The test clearly demonstrated that, using MOL Dynamic Mistral 5W-30 motor oil, will enable you to realise 1.4% in motor fuel savings versus using traditional SAE 15W-40 motor oil.”

Ferenc Lajkó, Waberer’s International Plc.

We requested our partner, Waberer’s International Plc, to participate in this motor fuel-saving test since it is one of Europe’s leading transportation and freight forwarding companies. Waberer’s International Plc vehicles cover more than 400 million kilometres per annum. Cost rationalisation is therefore an issue of top priority in corporate decision-making related to retaining competitiveness. The company also provided us with very useful information for the test.

The MOL-LUB team implemented the test in conformity with the specifications of the internationally-recognised SAE Type I motor fuel-saving test using two DAF XF 460 trucks. The test developed by SAE (the Society of Automotive Engineers) to a great extent eliminates uncertainties that may influence motor fuel consumption thus providing a fair and true picture of fuel saving. We applied standard SAE 15W-40 and synthetic MOL Dynamic Mistral 5W-30 motor oils in the test since they have low ash content in compliance with the relevant DAF standards. During the test process, we analysed the motor fuel consumption of two trucks with identical loads, running on identical routes at identical speeds, covering identical distances, using SAE 15W-40 and MOL Dynamic Mistral 5W-30 motor oil products alternately, always with the same driver.

Based on consumption data gained, 1.4 % fuel was saved using MOL Dynamic Mistral 5W-30 motor oil versus using traditional SAE 15W-40 motor oil which could even result in 454 litres of motor fuel saved per annum, per vehicle!

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