MOL Dynamic Moto 4T Racing Pro 5W-60

MOL Dynamic Moto 4T Racing Pro 5W-60

Synthetic motor oil for high performance four-stroke motorbikes exposed to heavy loads.

Synthetic motorbike motor oil with extreme viscosity and produced with the most modern additive technology for street and sport motorbikes exposed to heavy load with dry and wet clutch, quads, and even for racing.


  • Air- or water-cooled motorcycles
  • Motorcycles with separate or integrated gearboxes
  • Dry and wet clutch motorbikes
  • Motorcycles with or without a catalyst
Product featuresBenefits
Excellent shear stability
  • Maintains its favourable properties for a long period even under heavy loads and shear stresses
High viscosity index
  • Low initial torque during cold start and a stable lubricant film at high operating temperatures
High operational viscosity
  • Reduces oil consumption and improves internal sealing of the engine
Optimal friction characteristics
  • Correct torque transmission between clutch plates
Outstanding cleaning effect
  • Constantly ensures piston and combustion chamber cleanliness and free movement of piston rings
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