Engine protection proven after 500 hours of operation

To improve cost efficiency and protect the environment, agricultural machine manufacturers are continually working to develop more advanced machines with low emission diesel engines that require special long life lubricants. A Hungarian farming concern, using advanced operating methods took on the task of testing MOL-LUB’s new MOL Farm Protect E9 15W-40 engine oil. The 500 hours of field testing using John Deere tractors proved the outstanding engine life and maximum engine protection provided by MOL Farm Protect E9 engine oil. For certain engine types this oil has allowed us to safely adopt longer oil change intervals: 500 hours instead of 375!

Inside the industry, this enterprise, farming more than 3,700 hectares, is known to be one of the most successful soy producers, thanks to its environment-compatible, self-developed technology.

During 500 hours of testing, MOL Farm Protect E9 15W-40 engine oil proved its excellent engineprotection qualities even for machines with long oil change intervals. This oil also completely fulfilled all equipment manufacturer performance requirements. John Deere 8330 and 6530 tractors were used in real life operating conditions. The machines were loaded as per everyday agricultural operations, which means periodically occurring heavy loads: 72% ploughing, 21% field haulage, 6% road haulage and 1% other operations.
Oil samples were taken every 100 hours of operation to check the engine oil’s operating condition. The samples were analysed by the internationally acknowledged MOL LubCheck laboratory.

The results proved that MOL Farm Protect E9 15W-40 delivered outstanding engine protection during 500 hours of operation.
The test also proved that changes in oil viscosity were minimal. The oil did not deteriorate and was excellent in dealing with contaminants. Thanks to its stable viscosity level, this engine oil provides optimum lubrication even during extended oil change intervals.

Concentration of ferrous particles from natural machine part wear was far lower than the 75 mg/kg alarm level generally accepted in oil diagnostics. The concentrations of non-ferrous metals from friction bearings were very low as well, thus this oil proved its ability to ensure maximum engine life.

The test proved that MOL Farm Protect E9 15W-40 engine oil can be used for 500 hours of operation risk free whilst still fulfilling machine manufacturer requirements. For certain machine types, this means a decrease in oil consumption by up to 25%. Thanks to efficient wear protection engine maintenance costs can be decreased by up to 15%.

At the time of the case study the name of our Oil- and machine diagnostics service was called „WearCheck”, which changed to “LubCheck” in 2017.

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John Deere 8330 and 6530 tractors

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