MOL Dynamic Mistral 5W-30

Environmentally-friendly motor oil for the most modern vehicles.

Synthetic, peak performance, low ash content motor oil that can meet the latest emission standards of manufacturers and Euro III, IV, V and VI regulations, and is ideal for vehicle engines equipped with exhaust gas after treatment systems (EGR, DPF and SCR).

Why to choose MOL Dynamic commercial vehicle motor oils?


For a transport company to keep vehicles on the road and operate them economically is one of the most important things of all. Reliability and cost-effectiveness are vital, and properly chosen lubricants play a key role in this: they can improve your commercial vehicles’ life spans, deliver more reliable operations and significantly decrease operating costs.

MOL commercial vehicle lubricants provide:

Fuel economy can be improved by up to 4%, and their longer life ensure lower lubricant consumption while providing excellent protection for important vehicle parts, improving their life spans at the same time.

Approved by all leading vehicle manufacturers, their quality is continuously assured by regular laboratory and field tests.

The latest technology
Synthetic-based formulae promote more reliable operations.


Our premium engine oils not only reach but exceed most OEM approval and specification indicators. Fuel economy, excellent wear protection and low oil consumption make them an ideal choice for every fleet operator.


  • Commercial vehicles equipped with EGR control, an SCR system and a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and/or a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC)
  • Commercial vehicle engines operating on low and ultra low sulfur fuel
  • Conventional high performance naturally aspirated or turbocharged commercial vehicles
  • Short and long haul bus and commercial vehicle engines
  • Engines in mining, construction and agricultural machines
  • Railway and ship diesel engines operating at low speed and high load
Product featuresBenefits
Low ash content
  • Guarantees long lifetime of exhaust gas aftertreatment devices
Extremely long oil lifetime
  • Frequency of downtimes, operational costs, and environmental impact can be reduced
Fuel-saving formulation
  • Using it enables reduced operational cost and emission of harmful substances
Low volatility
  • Lowers engine oil consumption and reduces the emission of harmful substances
Extreme cold flow properties
  • Provides easy start-up, even in extreme cold, to extend the life of the car battery
Excellent soot handling
  • Protection against soot deposits and bore polishing
Exceptional thermal and oxidation stability
  • Reduces the formation of sludge at low temperatures and of deposits at high temperatures
Are you using the right lubricant?

Data sheets

Performance levels, approvals

MAN M 3477
MAN M 3271-1
MAN M 3677
Volvo VDS-4
Renault RLD-3
MACK EO-O Premium Plus
Voith Oil class B
ACEA E9-12
ACEA E7-12
ACEA E6-12
Volvo CNG
Volvo VDS-3
Scania Low Ash
Scania LDF-4
Renault RXD
MTU Type 3.1
Caterpillar ECF-3
Cummins CES 20078
Cummins CES 20081
DDC 93K218
Deutz DQC IV-10LA

Typical properties

Density at 15°C [g/cm3]0,855
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C [mm2/s]69,2
Kinematic viscosity at 100 °C [mm2/s]11,7
Pour point [°C]-40
Flash point (Cleveland) [°C]220


60 L 216,5 L

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